in the spaces there are things

part of the research at the very beginning of this residency took in a very wide approach to mapping the county itself, the people, the places, the structures, the infrastructures and the geology. some of that research is background for me. allowing me a deeper understanding of what makes up a place. my residency was one of the longer ones, spread out as it was over 18 months albeit only in situ for 1 week a month over 15 months. what follows is a simple pictorial record of some of my more interesting finds, many of which were considered as leads for possible personal projects before i discovered the pet cemetery and stevie.

the following images are drawn from a fantastic day spent exploring the upper cabrach in all its glorious emptiness with fellow AIM artist guide Mary Bourne

There were many fantastic structures both man made adhocist beach structures like the piece that follows as well as the typical industrial buildings to be found in many farming communities. what follows are a few that caught my imagination whether because of the forms simplicity or contrasting with that their complex adhocist nature. first of all the amazing adhocist beach structure to be found on the spit at Garmouth.

that is not to overlook the primitive and powerful forms that the farms all over this rich farming community offers.

and not to forget the mysterious red cabin, perfect for a horror film that everyone i asked about knew of but no one could tell me anything about.

and finally the eco architecture and pebble gardens of the findhorn foundation below. all in all a very diverse county with a wide variety of of communities and diverse architectural approaches.

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