About kind humans

AIM: KIND HUMANS: an arts engagement project exploring the marginalised voices of Moray.

Mike Inglis runs KIND HUMANS, an an arts engagement project in Moray. I am in Moray from summer 2021 to September 2022. I want to meet any refugee or migrant families and communities, outsider artists and disabled artist/performers who might be interested in being a part of either conversations or art workshops.

I plan to work initially with photography, basic printmaking, cooking and music as we get to know each other. As we work together I will explore ways to offer you a platform to express your views, artworks and cultures through blog posts, podcasts, exhibitions and film work should you wish.

My general process begins with a series of meetings and interviews which re-engages in an open dialogue with community groups, families or individuals. We can do this during a meeting in a cafe or a pleasant country walk. I can also visit you somewhere you feel comfortable, i have been double vaccinated and take all necessary social distancing measures to keep you safe. I’m interested in your belief systems, family lifes and cultural value. This becomes the nexus of core dialogues as we collaborate with the early stages of research. 

The second stage extends into workshops which explore and disseminate the ideas and art practices with groups of people who can enjoy workshops and begin to build up a trusting relationship with me the artist. This stage is always accompanied by artist talks and events, walks and playful creative workshops, no experience necessary

The final stage is normally the production of work which again engages with you the participants. We often respond by exploring the themes which have emerged during the research and workshop stages in a variety of mediums from traditional artwork, events and performances to publicly sited temporary installations. 

MY practice-based residency is part of the wider AIM (Arts in Moray) group partnership. Working with Graeme Roger (Wildbird) and as part of the larger collective made up of Culture Cafe Network, Dance North, Moray Arts Development, Wildbird and the Moray Way Association, I will be engaging with the marginalised voices of Moray. I am exploring connections, relationships and personal stories within often overlooked community groups of Refugees, Migrants, Disabled Artists and Performers as well as documenting Moray Outsider art practices.