no bad for an amateur eh …

Another fine week on the residency this visit brought a lot of out door activity, especially in Cullen where the dolphins put on a fine display. Last month when I was in Cullen and talking with Stevie (of the pet cemetery fame) i asked him about his thinking around being described an artist (outsider artist). his response was to chuckle in quiet humour and when i pressed him further his only response was that he loved photographs.

When we met up this visit i was surprised and pleased to find out he had bought a wee digital camera from his cousin. He understandably couldn’t quite find his way around the fiddly controls and when i agreed to meet him the next day to go over the functions he disappeared off on a photographic walk. He doesn’t have a PC so i managed to download his photos for him and he took great interest and quite a bit of pride in seeing his photos. He struggles with long distance and so all his photographs are taken from a fixed perspective on his mobility scooter but he captured the walk from Cullen to the salmon bothy and back. Lovely to see the sense of pride that this gave the man and especially as he told me in response to me saying thats you a photographer now as well ” no bad for an amateur eh …

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