women’s art group – member 2 – PEARL

women’s art group – member 2 – PEARL

The second set of images from our art group are created by Pearl who is also experimenting with the camera for the first time using black and white and colour film. She also captured a really nice portrait of me with her very first shot as we all met in Costas to begin our session with a strong coffee. As standard I use pseudonym’s here as the privacy of my participants which is very important to us all in the group but if anyone wishes to comment or offer support please send me your thoughts and i will pass them on.

Pearl takes to photography with a natural and experimental approach, she has produced images which contain a wildness but also a stark beauty. More importantly than that our session with the cameras was perhaps the only stress free moment in an otherwise emotionally difficult week. It makes both myself and the social worker who has championed this project realise that it will work and we are now creating a strategy to develop a short trial program which if successful might be developed into something more permanent within the social justice department.

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