get on your dancing shoes – rockstar project

I have begun to collaborate with the Monday group of Out of the Darkness artists and staff on a project which encompasses both hand skills and adhocist approaches to found materials as well as dabbling in digital skills both sound and moving image. 

The brief we are enjoying together is called  ROCKSTAR and it will eventually become an online performance. This will help the folks at Out of the Darkness keep performing and develop their online audience at a time when they can’t do actual “in person” live performances.

It goes something like this:

Everyone wants to be a Rockstar. With the advent of Instagram and u-tube channels it might be argued that everyone wants to be a Rockstar or social media phenomenon. It might also be argued that some pretty talentless people are out there with a lot of followers. Over the course of my residency the artists and staff mentors will collaborate with each other in collaboration with me lis in a series of playful tasks beginning a collaborative week of projects.

So the group will form a new band create a performance and promote it online with a new motion graphic. They will carry out the following stages and so far they are racing ahead having created instruments and started making costumes. Their creative tasks are 

• Name their band (chimes is in the running at the moment)

• make their own instruments

• design and make your bands outfits

• record a debut song

• create a motion graphic for social media

So far they have really enjoyed the project and on my next visit we shall do a wee graffiti workshop to create backgrounds and the band logo for the social media motion graphic. 

Collaboration is only achieved when all the participants respect each other and through a process of idea and skill exchange and enter into an alliance created by mutual trust through shared experience. True equality means not being able to define between the artists whether insiders / outsiders / trained or otherwise.

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