women’s art group – polaroid walks

It’s a real pleasure working with this group and their social worker. Art as a therapeutic tool and a walk with a few pals might seem quite an obvious thing to do. Some might not even consider it unusual but to create a create a small art club is the real purpose here and utilising the fun but very creative tool of polaroid instant photography gives everyone a non technical and fun project they can be confident with.


Woman offenders are a massively marginalised group within society.  The backgrounds of many woman in this situation are marked by experiences of abuse, drug misuse, poor schooling results, poverty, psychological distress and self-harm.   These characteristics often result in difficulties with engagement and rehabilitation within criminal justice support.  For many confronting the painful realities of their personal and social circumstances without drugs to obliterate the pain can feel overwhelming.  The experience of custody, sense of loss, the break-up of family relationships, the loss of control and feeling of helplessness and fear, or experiences of being bullied all increase the risk of already vulnerable woman committing suicide or self-harm.    

ENGAGMENT : PHOTOWALKS : Working with a small group and developing an ongoing program of art therapy to support their social worker and the women themselves.

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